best belgian waffle maker with removable plates

Any of you who grew up on a diet of Belgian waffles will know what an important part they play in making the perfect breakfast meal. But what separates a good waffle maker from a bad one? Our guide to the best belgian waffle maker with removable plates is here to help.

We’re going to kick off our guide with an overview of the ten best models around, before breaking down an overview of our top three. If you want to get straight into our full buyer’s guide then click here.

What to look out for

Waffle makers are just like a pan for frying that has two plates with grids on each side to form a waffle shape. You pour your batter between these grids and press all together. There’s nothing like opening up those plates and seeing a steaming waffle, prepared by yourself.

Standard or Belgian Waffles

Which do you prefer? Do you like deep pockets just like the ones seen in Belgian waffles, or are you more into the ones featured on more standard run-of-the-mill types? It’s good to have an idea before you get started, because you will find that different waffle makers tend to fall into one of these two categories.

However, as modern brands attempt to cover more ground and offer more and more, multi-purpose brands enable you to change plates in order for you to change your preferred style of waffle. For those of us who are indecisive, this is very welcome.

Plate Materials

Try to find a nonstick-coated waffle iron to ensure you are not wasting your time and energy on the post-cooking clean-up. Pro waffle makers are made of cast iron and need plenty of seasoning to prevent the mixture from sticking to its surface.

Advanced models designed for home-based use are generally manufactured from teflon-coated cast aluminum. Nonstick makers are simpler to clean compared to these cast iron options, so be aware that there are pitfalls to even the more expensive models.

Overflow Tray

An essential function to watch out for if you do not want your fabulous cooking counter to end up with waffle batter all over it is an overflow tray. This will help gather surplus batter on the sides, before it gets to your countertop. This coupled with a non-stick surface will make the world of difference when trying to save time and effort.

Stovetop or Independent Selection?

Although a self-contained unit works on electrical power, a stovetop range needs you to place the waffle iron on the flame to get the waffle cooking. Similar to the stand-alone model, these portable types come in different shapes and sizes.

When selecting a stovetop or hand held waffle maker, make sure the handles are flat so as to allow the iron to sit flush along the stove top. Additionally, make sure the handles are manufactured from heat-resistant material.

Browning Configurations

Many waffle makers come with control knobs that enable you to choose the quantity of browning for your batch of waffles. It is best to go in for a model that has an automated light switch that notifies you when the iron is warm enough for the appropriate waffles.

As a nice bonus feature, to ensure identical browning on both sides of the waffles, certain models come designed with a rotary feature that flips the waffle maker over.

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