Weber Performer Deluxe Overview

When the summer corner approaches, the baking season begins. In warm weather, it is very desirable to cook outside without heating the kitchen. The opportunity to socialize and enjoy the season is a welcome bonus.

Most charcoal grills are very demanding and difficult to manage. This is not it! I found a versatile setting that was easy to control no matter what I cooked.

It also retains the classic charcoal grill taste and smell.

Weber Performer Deluxe, formerly called Weber Performer Premium, is an excellent charcoal grill. It offers many features to take your outdoor dishes to the next level.

Continue reading my full review of Weber Performer Deluxe.

Weber Performer Deluxe Overview

Weber Performer Deluxe is an excellent grill with many features. It doesn’t blow your budget, but it still cooks a variety of items well. Quality is backed by an extended warranty and a brand that has proven to be authentic in the industry over the years.

  • Weber Performer Deluxe
  • Cooking Space: [19659012] 363 sq. in.
  • Warranty period: 10 years
  • Great work space + features
  • Gas ignition system

Favorite thing:

What does the grill do? Everything is fine. The preparation surface is stable and the coal storage device is safe. You’ll feel a high standard of manufacturing through every step of the cooking process.

Easy to set up and organize. Instantly lighten the coal without hassle, and all cooking surfaces are non-sticky and easy to clean.

You can enjoy social activities while cooking dinner, and you can still eat without cleaning for a long time later. The easy process allows you to use the grill regularly without collecting dust between special cases.

It is a multi-purpose grill that can cook a variety of meals. Temperature control options combine with a variety of accessories to create endless possibilities. From breakfast to dessert, you can make it in Performer Deluxe.

You can get all this at an affordable price. With Performer Deluxe, you don’t have to have thousands of dollars of household appliances to take up space in your yard so you can prepare meals outside. With just one grill, you can handle everything you can throw away without ruining the bank.

What I hate

My main complaint is about the timer and thermostat that comes with the grill. The timer is 99 minutes. Many meals, such as barbecues or similarly “low and slow cooked” meat dishes, require much more time than that, so you need a phone alarm or a long-lasting kitchen timer.

Cover the grill and measure the temperature to 470 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature inside the grill is always hotter than the cover and easily exceeds the maximum

It is disappointing that Weber is not able to better utilize the existing technology, but it seems that it has begun to catch up to the times according to the characteristics of the newer grille model.

In the meantime, you can find high quality meat thermometer . These not only indicate the internal temperature of the food, but also the heat level closer to the surface of the dish. The device settings enable more precise cooking than the current thermometer built into Performer Deluxe.


Many people imagine the smokey scene of frustration and potentially food burning when cooking on a charcoal grill. The outdoor cooking industry has gone a long way, and Weber Performer Deluxe is a feature-filled grill that can serve a perfect meal for anyone.

Easy installation with automatic lighting system. Put the charcoal in the basket and press the button. Then wait for the cooking area to heat up.

You can move the coals through several charcoal barrels and easily adjust the temperature. Whether you’re cooking a variety of foods at once, whether you need to adjust your recipe is simple. All you need is to take the basket out of the slot and push it into the new basket.

The cooking possibilities do not end with temperature control. This weber grill line has many accessories that can also be used in heating spaces. In addition to traditional grilled food, you can make anything from baked goods to stir-fries.

After cooking, you can easily process the process after dinner with Ash Catcher Easy Clean Coating. In your yard and patio there will be no ashes that can be avoided in other grills.

All food on the cooking surface is wiped off with a damp cloth when the surface has cooled slightly.

Building quality

The fact that people do not make things like they used to. As production loads increase, Weber’s grills are not as durable or long-lasting as they were decades ago.

Performer Deluxe is one of the most stable and high quality charcoal grills today. With proper care, you can cook outdoor for up to several years.

All components are sturdy and durable, so there is no need to repair or replace anything for a while after purchase. Quality assurance allows you to purchase all the cool components you want to enhance your baking experience.


Performer Deluxe is one of the simplest charcoal grills that can be cleaned cleanly on the market today. There are two unique features.

First, there is an ash catcher built into the grill. The design feature prevents fumes from flying away during use. Do not cover the patio or yard with ash until roasting is complete.

Second, there is a one-touch cleaning system. Inside the grill is a porcelain enamel coating. Just wipe once with a damp cloth and the cooking surface will be perfectly cleaned.


But it’s not just for hot dogs and hamburgers anymore. The food trend has evolved to include a variety of grilling options, from gourmet to international, vegetables and pizza. People are cooking on every coal.

Weber’s accessory line follows the culinary trend. Pot, pizza stone, grinder There is even a cast iron bread pan. There are plenty of opportunities to unleash your culinary creativity.

Temperature control

Often the temperature of a charcoal grill is one. To cool the air, you have to wait for the coal to cool down.

Performer Deluxe solves this struggle at once. There are two charcoal bins that can move the heat source under the cooking surface. This movable compartment allows you to regulate the temperature, as there are hot zones with direct heat and cooler zones with indirect heat.

Control the cooking temperature to make more food at once. You can prepare half of the meal while waiting next to the dumplings or let the main dish cool down.

Smoking settings

Performer Deluxe allows you to start cooking within 10 minutes. From the ignition of the grill. Fill the basket with nuggets and start by pressing the Touch-N-Go auto light button. You just have to wait for the cooking surface to reach the desired temperature.

It is also simple to move the coal bucket to adjust the temperature of the cooking surface. You can cook several dishes at the same time without much effort.

Prices and Guarantees

You have to invest thousands of dollars for a lot of comparable outdoor cooking settings. So, with all the features included, it is expected that this grill will easily cost $ 1,000. Not so, thanks to Weber’s promise of value.

The final price depends on the color you choose. Currently Performer Deluxe is available in copper or black. Bold copper-colored installations are slightly more expensive, but both are under $ 500.

A 10-year warranty protects your investment, so your family can feed and live on this grill for years.

Performer Premium vs. Deluxe

All grills on the Weber performer line have similar features such as the Gourmet BBQ system and impressive warranty. The difference lies in the species and whistles included with the purchase.

Performer Premium has CharBin, a timer that can be removed to avoid overcooking the food. It also has a large working surface. However, you need to turn on the light with a lighter.

Performer Deluxe has all the bonus features you can expect by name. It is automatically lit using an electric gas igniter and you can get a gourmet system shea grate that is not available on other grills in this line.

Final verdict

My answer is “Yes!” Performer Deluxe is a great grill for brands you know and trust. The 10 year warranty also helps you buy with confidence.

The design and included features help differentiate it from the crowd. Control the temperature, use auto lighting function, and easily clean the whole cooking surface.

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